Side Trips & Adventures:

Sailing the Mediterranean - October 2010

Sailing amidst the "Mystic Blue" around the Greek islands was a definite highlight for our journeys through Greece. Sailing is an ideal form of ecotravel. With Mystic Blue, vacationers can discover hidden beaches and coves, dive down into the depths of the Aegean sea, and delve into a rich island culture that is virtually hidden to the foreign eye. Mystic Blue is an exemplary eco-operator that offers appetizing holidays that all can enjoy.

For more information on this trip, please visit: www.mystic-blue.org

Shree Shining Star Academy - September 2010

Based in the mountains of the Langtang district in beautiful Nepal, just eight hours from Mt. Everest, EcoTravel Media was priviledged to have experienced true Nepalese culture in the village of Archale at Shining Star Academy. Here, life is simple, nature is prime, and friends are always welcome as family. As preservation of cultures is important to ecotourism, living at the Academy allowed EcoTravel Media to have much better insight to the life of Nepalese people.

Follow Shining Star Academy on twitter: twitter.com/ShiningStarAcad

Trekking Northern Thailand - July/August 2010

Being sponsored by Intrepid Travel, EcoTravel Media experienced, filmed and photographed the Thai culture from a first-hand basis. Originating in Bangkok, EcoTravel Media and Intrepid Travel explored the ancient and modern facets of Thailand by traveling via the local "tuk-tuk", by train, long boats, bamboo rafts, and a dash of elephant riding. The 15-day trip to Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas was, withough a doubt, the highlight in our travels.

For more information on this trip, please visit: www.intrepidtravel.com/trips/tsn

World EcoTourism Conference - July 2010

Held in in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, EcoTravel Media attended this conference for some new insight into the eco-tourism industry.

For more information on this conference, please visit: http://www.discoverymice.com/WEC2010/world-ecotourism-conference-2010-welcome2.htm

Adventures on the Great Barrier Reef - June 2010

cairnsdiveFor the duration of the weekend, EcoTravel Media has been kindly invited by the eco-certified Cairns Dive Centre on a two-day, one-night trip out into the Outer Great Barrier Reef for a scuba diving and snorkeling adventure. For the day and night adventurist, having the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular marine life and corral gardens that Australia is so famous for is a must. But being able to witness the bioluminescence of the night is just the perfect ribbon to seal off this phenomenal package. With complimentary meals and all equipment provided, traveling to the Outer Reef will be quite a memorable adventure.

For more information on this trip, please visit: www.cairnsdive.com.au

Winter Solstice Music EcoFestival - June 2010

Winter Solstice is held every year in the Tablelands, 3 hours southwest of Cairns, Australia. In attempts to hold an environmentally friendly festival, the group at Winter Solstice emphasize the importance of the "leave no trace" philosophy. With this principle, participants have the responsibility to leave the land with no identifiable negative impact.

EcoTravel Media has been invited to attend the festival to film a short marketing clip for the Solstice website.

For more information please visit the Solstice webpage: www.wintersolstice.com.au


EcoAdventures in Central America

Written by Doug Donnellan (to be published in The Washington Post)

The water was now pouring in through the windows and doors. That's when the panic set in. "Empuje! Empuje," push, push, shouted the cabbie as we frantically struggled to muscle his 1998 Honda Accord taxi out of the stream turned river.

Hours before, I had arrived in the small town of Puerto Jimenez with the intention of furthering my research on ecotourism in the Costa Rican rainforests. The town sits on the southeastern coast of the Osa Peninsula and is home to circa 1700 "Ticos" -- native Costa Ricans -- and is the main jump off point for many travelers venturing into the crown jewel of the country's national park system, the Corcovado jungle, located about 30 miles west and solely accessible by a single perilous dirt road.

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