kangaroos Join EcoTravel Media as we trek across across the globe with the goal of transforming tourism through the mediums of film and photography. Through sight and sound we will emphasize the importance of preserving the rich cultures and pristine environments that mankind is rapidly destroying.

The tourism industry is the largest industry in the world and so it is vital that a global shift toward sustainable travel occurs.

Because awareness is the key to the successful emergence of eco-tourism as the main form of travel, EcoTravel Media is filming an eco-tourism documentary and other short films that spotlight sustainable travel to educate and motivate viewers to "tread lightly".

golden_palm_tree While the conservation movement has rapidly become the leading force of the world today, people are starting to realize the dwindling health of our planet. Many people want to be more sustainable, however, in the chaos of their everyday lives, they often put little thought into being "green" when they plan their next vacation.

And so, with our films and photographs, we aim to illustrate, educate, and most importantly, inspire sustainable travel through our eco-tourism adventures.

The following video clip is a sample of our film style demonstrated through images of spectacular landscapes and native animals from our travels in Australia:

"Mahatma Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". With this, EcoTravel Media challenges all of you to take a stand, to create your own ripple, and thereby join the sea of change that will bring hope for our futures in our strife to heal our Earth of its destruction.